Chair proves to be apt term

From: Michael Booth, The Birches, Bramhope, Leeds.

I HEARTILY agree with your correspondent Bob Watson (Yorkshire Post, December 13) regarding his views on political correctness. It’s an absolute abomination and should be disused forthwith.

Having served on various committees myself, I am particularly interested with his view on the use of the term Chair and I may disagree with him on that one point.

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In my view chairs are wooden things which ought to be sat on or occasionally stood on, hence I have frequently thought the term apt.

Harder race faces pupils

From: Maxwell Laurie, Victoria Terrace, Cockfield, County Durham.

IT is difficult to understand the fuss over these GCSEs. A significant proportion of the pupils involved in both January and June were obviously borderline examinees and it would be interesting to know how many in January beat the odds against them in the staff room’s predictions, but nobody is likely to be honest and tell us.

“They’re giving C’s away this year” may well have been the view of the staffroom bookies for June. When the results came in, the cry became “we was robbed”.

The bookies will find 2013 a hard market. Trainers (sorry, teachers) will be cracking whips even in the first furlong.

Gritting failure bodes ill

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

GIVEN the inability of Leeds City Council to grit the roads and pavements last Friday morning, I hope the authority will be held liable for the cost of any accidents that happened as a result of its complacent and negligence.

It also does not bode well for the city’s hosting of the Tour de France in 2014 – someone in charge needs to get a grip and order some grit. After all, gritting is a service that is a key element of the monthly council tax bill.