Change law to ‘zero alcohol’ to stop drink driving – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Nigel Land, Brigg Road, Barton on Humber.

NOW in my 70s, I well remember the introduction of the drink-drive law. Since then the levels of traffic have increased dramatically, and the number of police available for checking has dropped equally dramatically.

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Why do so many drivers knowingly flout the law? The simple answer is surely that the effect of alcohol is to reduce inhibitions. Why else do people drink alcohol? “It relaxes me”, “I enjoy myself more” etc.

Are the police doing enough to enforce drink driving laws?

It is so easy to convince yourself that just one more won’t be a problem – “it’s been an hour since that pint”, and many other such excuses. How do you know when your blood alcohol level is getting to the limit, unless you take a test kit?

There is only one way to tackle the problem: change the law to zero alcohol. This approach has been introduced in some countries – Hungary and the Czech Republic, for example – and to me it is the only workable solution. If you are driving, don’t drink.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

WHERE were the police patrols this past Christmas and New Year to catch drink and/or drug drivers – or even deter motorists from getting behind the wheel when over the limit?

There are concerns that there are insufficient police patrols do deter drink drivers - do you agree?

No wonder driving standards are getting worse in and around Leeds.