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Are MPs betraying the public by attempting to thwart Brexit?
Are MPs betraying the public by attempting to thwart Brexit?
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From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

WHO do Change UK MPs, like Penistone and Stocksbridge’s Angela Smith, represent? Who voted them into office? What is their agenda? If not “quislings” what should we call them?

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Traitors, betrayers, liars or just plain undemocratic? Why don’t they put themselves up for re-election? Is it the £78,000 per annum plus expenses they are scared of losing? The Labour Party, Tories and what’s left of the Lib Dems are all helping each other implode over a simple Brexit.

From: Rajmund Brent, Wath upon Dearne.

I AM unsure as to why Mr Godley is so discourteous to liberals and Remainers (The Yorkshire Post, April 23). Most of the moaning is conducted by Leavers. I have no sobriquet for them – they have utter faith in their beliefs and their world outlook and the renascent greatness of Britain.

I shall be using my polling card in the most effective way I can, fortified by a quinoa and avocado breakfast, listening a Guardian podcast on the way and then down to London for theatre or opera.

From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

JOHN Turley (The Yorkshire Post, April 22) cites a few EU regulations most critics would consider beneficial, although some SME firms, on the verge of breaking-even, may not be so keen on many rulings that possess a distinctly anti-market flavour and do no favours for Europe’s economies.

John should be aware that the fundamental problem with Brussels, apart from the core democratic issue, is that such a large body of bureaucrats (24,428 working for the Commission alone; only 3.8 per cent British, 2015) have to justify their very well-heeled existence resulting in the turning out of petty regulation on an assembly-line scale. The attempt to balance the maws of 28 disparate nations but, with a frequent bias towards France and Germany, the largest founder members, is rarely a joy for Britain.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

IF anything reinforces my decision to leave the EU it would be the daft suggestion (The Yorkshire Post, April 24) that we should call our veggie burgers “discs” and our veggie sausages “tubes”.

I know these products don’t contain meat but we all know what they are. Discs and tubes sounds like we are going to eat electrical equipment. We should do as the French and Germans do with EU directives that don’t suit them and ignore the ruling.