Church and country suffer loss of authority

From: David W Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold.

What an excellent article by Bernard Ingham (Yorkshire Post, April 27) on the decline of the Church of England, and the dumbing down by many of our top clergy, notably the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Oxford.

It is only the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, who seems to be making the right noises, and, surely, if it is to survive, the Church of England must have him as the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Sadly and seriously, though, it is not only the Anglican Church that appears to be on its last legs, but our own country, aided and abetted by our weak and liberal politicians who have failed to rescue the UK from the grips of the EU monster whereby our independence and controls have been virtually lost.

Even Julian Smith MP (Yorkshire Post, April 28) has acknowledged that we are overrun by red tape and legislation from the EU but he fails to support complete withdrawal as the only sensible and practical solution.

From: R Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh.

ALAN Chapman’s letter (Yorkshire Post, May 3) in praise of Maggie Thatcher’s errand boy, Bernard Ingham, just goes to show we are not all intellectual in Yorkshire.

Writing about people not up to the job could be dangerous for the Tories. Before the last General Election, Bernard wrote in the Yorkshire Post that Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems were useless and a vote wasted.

Then you have William Hague, Foreign Secretary, whose qualifications are helping deliver beer, pop and crisps round the clubs and pubs in South Yorkshire. I could go on – David Cameron, George Osborne, the House of Lords etc.