Cleaner to walk in the gutter

From: Barbara Harrison, Parkside Avenue, Queensbury, Bradford.

I REFER to the letter (Yorkshire Post, March 12) concerning the litter problem in West Yorkshire.

Can I add my comments concerning the cigarette ends on the pavements (mostly outside public houses); the discarded remnants of food and the food wrappers again on the pavements; dog dirt; chewing gum and sweet papers?

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This does not only apply to West Yorkshire but to other towns outside the West Yorkshire area that I have visited.

One thing I have noticed is the lack of waste bins. Those I have seen on occasions have been full to overflowing, making the matter worse. I find it cleaner to walk my dog in the gutter in order to avoid the filthy pavements.

Does this say something about the people responsible for leaving behind their discarded rubbish?

Isolation is folly

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

IN reply to Mr Wood’s letter (Yorkshire Post, March 1), you don’t need a Master’s degree in Europhobia to spot that Singapore going it alone is a world away from the situation of the UK.

Despite the decline in our power, we still have a depth and breadth of interest and commitments in Europe and beyond. It would be nothing short of madness to retreat from these when the trend is all towards interdependence amid the perils of the modern world.

It is a dangerous delusion to suppose that relations with Europe, not to mention the US, would not be seriously affected by a policy of isolation. In short, there is no analogy whatever between Singapore and the UK.

Home truths

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

DAVID Cameron has announced that he wants to see more people becoming home owners (Yorkshire Post, March 13). In that case he should clamp down on buy-to-let landlords, who are purchasing lower priced property, reducing the number of opportunities for first time buyers.