Clegg on wrong wavelength

From: Coun Sandy Fraser (Labour), Micklegate Ward, York City Council.

I SEE that Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg continues to co-host a weekly radio phone-in on LBC, the London radio station.

Would it not be more in Mr Clegg’s interests to appear instead on a Sheffield radio station? He could then explain to the electors in his Sheffield Hallam constituency his, and his party’s, volte face on university tuition fees.

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Horse sense 
on old lorry

From: Malcolm Hanson, Gwendolen Court, Southolme Walk, Boroughbridge.

MANY years ago my father, long since dead, drove lorries for LNER, which became British Railways and then National Carriers. He drove many types of lorries one of which was the three-wheeled Scammell. He always called this vehicle a “cob” (Letters, March 27). The only reason for this that I can think of is that it was originally called a mechanical horse.

Lesson in size

From: EW Beechey, Eastfield Lane, Kellington, Goole.

I DO not know why our national newspapers and your newspaper (Yorkshire Post, April 1) insist that the National Union of Teachers is the “biggest teaching union”. This most certainly was the case in the past but for the last few years it is now the NASUWT.

Pint of order

From: Duncan Lapish, Womersley, Doncaster.

DID Mr Terry Palmer (Yorkshire Post, March 27) not know that there is eight pints per gallon not 7.75 pints per gallon? So which is it, Mr Palmer, 310 pints or 40 gallons? 40 x 8 = 320 not 310 pints.