Coast is more than one resort

From: Keith Kaye, Easton Road, Bridlington.

YOUR lead article re Scarborough Council Tourism Strategy (Yorkshire Post, February 10) once again promotes the Scarborough District Council administrative area as being the Yorkshire Coast.

The Yorkshire Coast has always to the best of my knowledge, included Bridlington, Hornsea, Withernsea, Spurn Point and the Wolds.

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This fact continues to escape both Welcome To Yorkshire and your own newspaper.

It is time all parties involved in tourism and economic development in North and East Yorkshire corrected this fundamental mistake and 
worked together to properly promote the real Yorkshire coast.

Big babble

From: TW Coxon, West Aukland Road, Darlington.

I watch as much cricket as I can on TV including T20 and one-dayers. The “Big Bash” from Australia is a big disappointment as the commentary team prattle on incessantly about everything and anything but the game being watched. Washerwomen could not compete!

The Big Bash final involved four such commentators, previously star cricketers, but their never-ending reminiscing about how good they each were, and laughing at endless jokes and wisecracks, regardless of happenings on the field of play severed only for me to turn the sound off and watch the game. I wonder if there are any other cricket-lovers similarly disappointed?

“Big Yap” would have been a better title!

Man of honour

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

WHY there should be any embarrassment over the resignation of the Immigration Minister (Yorkshire Post, February 10)? The man may be a politician, but having discovered he had made a mistake, he owned up to it and resigned.

Mark Harper has done the entirely honourable thing. He could quite easily have made excuses or blamed someone else, but he didn’t.

Full marks to you sir – and shame on those seeking to make political capital out of it.