Conservatives’ covert privatisation of NHS must be halted

From: Helen Flynn, Low Lane, Darley, Harrogate.

I AM just back from the conference in Sheffield where Yorkshire Liberal Democrats took a leading role in voting for a motion re-affirming the Liberal Democrat position on NHS policy and requiring our MPs to reject the covert privatisation of the NHS being pushed through by Conservative Secretary of State Andrew Lansley (Yorkshire Post, March 14).

This is a vital change. The proposals, if left as they are, will inevitably lead to cherry-picking of easy cases by the private sector and the decline of services in local hospitals around the country.

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There’s little or no evidence to back Mr Lansley’s NHS plans and a whole lot of unanswered questions.

How will the enormous cost of reorganisation be borne without cutting front-line services? How can the new organisations running the NHS be held accountable when they can meet in secret? How will they stop the cherry-picking which could put the future of our local hospitals at risk? Is the Government prepared to put measures in place that will block NHS privatisation by stealth?

While we hear bland promises, policies are being put in place which could wreck the NHS as we know it. It’s vital that these plans are changed.

Mr Lansley and Yorkshire Tory MPs should think again before it is too late.

From: John GK Wildie, Briar Grove, Sandal, Wakefield.

Reading many newspapers over the past few weeks, I cannot help but comment on some of the cuts that this Government is imposing, especially on the three main services: the police, the ambulance service and the fire brigade – all important to the country.

Before the General Election, all the three main party leaders – Mr Brown, Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg on the TV debate – stated that we needed more policemen patrolling our streets to keep law and order.

Now we find that this Government is going to cut all three services, putting people’s lives at risk. Fewer fire stations, the same with ambulance stations and the police with fewer bobbies on the street. The police do a fantastic job and cutting the police force will only bring more street crimes, shoplifting, burglaries and old people being mugged. It’s important that these three main services must be left alone.

So come on Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg, change your minds now. It’s important so do a U-turn.

Mr Clegg stated that our old people should feel safe in their own homes and also on the street. We need more policemen not less, so come on Mr Clegg, stop being a “yes man” for the Conservatives.

Stand up for what you and your party believes in or you will lose votes and also members.