Crime and fit punishment

From: Keith Wigglesworth, Highburton, Huddersfield.

A convicted paedophile is going to the high court, as his daily “slopping out” infringes his civil liberties. I would suggest that, in his case, “slopping out” be stopped with immediate effect and replaced with “slopping in”.

Welsh rabbit

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From: CMA Baker, Church Avenue, Selby, York.

DURING the war (1939-45) my father was posted to St Athan, Glamorgan. I went to school in Barry. My contemporaries, on the first of the month, said: “Cwningen wen!” (white rabbit – the plural is cwningod) three times. This term was used by Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers alike.

Special delivery

From: Brenda Mottram, Willoughby Chase, Gainsborough.

Ian McMillan’s article (Yorkshire Post, September 27) about coal fires and “getting the coal in” reminded me of when my husband was a Deputy at Hickleton Main Colliery and occasionally I had to get the coal in. A ton of it dumped outside our house in Thurnscoe.

Star of the Spa

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

I AGREE with my old friends Joe and Daphne Peters (Yorkshire Post. September 26) that the Scarborough Spa Orchestra is a large plus in Scarborough’s cultural life, but to leave out the name of Max Jaffa (1960-86) is like talking theatre without mentioning Alan Ayckbourn!

In the picture

From: D Jolliff, Addingham.

WITH regard to your archive picture about the Hornsea Town Pride Action Group (Yorkshire Post, September 24) I believe the person shown is Colin Rawson and not his brother Desmond.

On a different subject, we are pleased to read that Ilkley Grammar School has won a prize for all things green. It is a pity, however, that lights at the school are left on regularly most nights.