December 11 Letters: How dare BBC sprout ads for the EU capital?

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

MAY we be enlightened on who produced the BBC Christmas publicity campaign by putting a Brussels Sprout as a “creature” to encourage us to watch forthcoming festive season programmes?

What world does the the BBC public relations team live in when millions of children hate the vegetable called a Brussels Sprout? Equally, millions of their parents want to be removed from the EU based in Brussels.

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Please tell us the name of the company which produced these series of pre-Christmas adverts for the corporation and at what cost?

From: Jennifer Elferink, Whitley, Dewsbury.

IS it my television or 
has electricity not yet been invented?

The latest dramas such as London Spy seem to be 50 per cent shot in darkness.

When you enter a room at night the first thing you do is switch on the light.

Okay, lamps are nice for atmosphere but I would like to see what’s happening. It really puts me off watching perfectly good dramas.