December 4: Deserts could be powerhouses of the future

From: John Fisher, Menwith Hill.

THE conference on climate change in Paris (The Yorkshire Post, December 1) appears to be missing the most obvious alternative energy source.

The sun has been central to our survival for millions 
of years and will no doubt continue to provide for our future.

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There are many deserts 
in the world that are the perfect places for solar power plants 
and China has just placed a million solar panels on a similar site.

In the USA north west of Las Vegas, power is being generated using more than 10,000 mirrors to concentrate sunlight and heat liquid salt to produce electricity.

Germany has disbanded atomic power to promote and develop solar and wind power and is using its coal to assist the change to renewables.

Africa is one of a number of developing countries who use solar power for its industrial and domestic sector.

Once again, the UK is lagging behind and we may be faced in future with the highly expensive cost of running and decommissioning atomic power stations when the rest of the world has successfully 
developed a power source 
that will still be available 
when petroleum is no longer available.