the guys?

From: Peter Hyde, Kendale View, Driffield.

IF there is one thing designed to send me up the wall it is to hear TV presenters refer to males and females as “you guys”. Males are guys, females are not.

They may be dolls, as in Guys and Dolls, but they are never, 
ever guys.

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People, children, youngsters they may all be, but not guys.

Denigrating a Nobel tradition

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

MR Redhead pours scorn on the Nobel Prize (Yorkshire Post, October 26).

In view of the eminent people in the fields of literature and science who have been chosen and accepted for the honour, I think the institution’s reputation can well survive each denigration.

So far as the role of Nato is concerned, its efficacy in preventing war is debatable.

Nuclear irony

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

IT seems ironic that Britain, the country which built the world’s first commercial nuclear power station, has to go to Japan (one of whose nuclear plants recently exploded) for more.

Can we not build anything any more?

Crime appeal

From: Dennis Johnson, Firbeck Road, Bramham.

FROM word of mouth and Press reports, it appears that a small turnout is expected on November 15 for the crime commissioner elections.

I plead with people to turn up at the polling station armed with a thick, perhaps felt-tipped, pen and write a brief message to that effect finishing with the words “therefore I vote for none of the above”.

If the box for spoilt voting slips can be filled, surely someone will begin to take notice.