Dominic Cummings and Laura Kuenssberg interview shows democracy is not fit for purpose - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Malcolm Naylor, Ilkley.

Dominic Cummings during an interview with Laura Kuenssberg. Picture: Jeff Overs/BBC/PA Wire.

WELL! Dominic Cummings and his TV interview with Laura Kuenssberg leaves one gasping at his audacious contempt for democracy in general, and the Prime Minister in particular (The Yorkshire Post, July 21).

We can dispense with using politically correct malapropisms like “disingenuous” and legitimately describe our political leaders as liars.

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Whatever interpretation individuals put on the credibility of the Cummings confessions, the Brexit vote and Covid laws would, without doubt, have had a different outcome if the truth had been told.

So how many still believe in democracy and will continue to participate in the charade of voting?

And what action should be taken? Prosecution at the very least. If not, what does that say about our corrupt and immoral constitution?

According to Cummings, Prime Minister Boris Johnson regards the Daily Telegraph as his “boss” but was manipulated by Cummings and his secret cohorts and responsible for thousands of deaths.

Apparently the deaths of the “over 80s” doesn’t matter. They are redundant, dispensable, a burden on society and about to die anyway.

If ever there was a time and case for radical democratic reform, it is now. Our democracy is “not fit for purpose”.