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Should the House of Lords relocate to Yorkshire?
Should the House of Lords relocate to Yorkshire?
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From: Dr Martin Hemingway, Foxhill Court, Leeds.

THERE are reasons to oppose the glib removal of the House of Lords to the North, and David Blunkett and the other 
Yorkshire peers make cogent points (The Yorkshire Post, January 20).

House of Lords move to York shows Boris Johnson is living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’ say Yorkshire peers

It is important the House of Lords is reformed. It would be good to move the whole of Parliament out of London – perhaps to a purpose-built circular chamber that would avoid the confrontational structure of the current 

Symbolism of House of Lords move to York could be very superficial – The Yorkshire Post says

It would be good to have issues as seen from the North taken seriously instead of London saying over devolution to Yorkshire: “You can have what you want, so long as you want what we want.”

House of Lords move to York is Boris Johnson ‘vanity project’ claims Labour grandee David Blunkett

There is a separate question. If part of Parliament is to move to Yorkshire, then why should it go to York?

There are other places in the county with strong historical links but with lower land prices and a greater need for a boost to the local economy. If it is to come to Yorkshire, then why not Pontefract or Doncaster?

It is the sort of argument a devolved Yorkshire would be able to make, balancing the interests of the region as a whole, rather than being stuck with the odd Northern place name the Government has heard of.