Don’t let Tory MPs stop free press from asking vaccine questions – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Roger Backhouse, Orchard Road, Upper Poppleton, York.

THE Yorkshire Post’s journalists did a sterling job investigating reductions in vaccine supplies to Yorkshire (The Yorkshire Post, January 22 and 23). I congratulate Robyn Vinter and others involved in the decision to publish. You did right.

Sadly, your comment column reveals a shocking state of affairs. Whilst all governments try to influence news media, as your columnist Bernard Ingham knows, the clearly co-ordinated attempt to intimidate by some Yorkshire Conservative MPs goes beyond decency.

Some say we are in a post-truth era when what matters is not truth or accuracy but what those in government say happened. That’s the “double speak” described by George Orwell. It is why Chinese Communist Party officials suppressed news of the early stages of the Covid outbreak in Wuhan.

The Government's vaccines strategy continues to prompt much debate and discussion.

Donald Trump tried it all the time – with some success in pliable TV channels and websites devoted to conspiracy theories. Sad to see it happened here to a favourite newspaper.

Those MPs who turned on The Yorkshire Post have failed their constituents. Surely they should be campaigning for adequate vaccine suplies for Yorkshire and no reduction?

Unfortunately I fear more attempts by the Government to muzzle the press when it publishes unfavourable stories. But I remain trustful of The Yorkshire Post to present us with the truth. Keep up the good work.

From: Christine McDade, Morton on Swale.

Royal Navy personnel prepare to give vaccines to the public.

FOR far too long have MPs been able to bend the rules when answering questions; never answering directly and obfuscating at will. But this behaviour and the pressure placed upon the editor of The Yorkshire Post is despicable and shows either a complete lack of the facts or disregard of them. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Again it proves to me that I purchase the best provincial newspaper in the country.

I have received my first vaccination so count myself amongst the lucky ones.

From: Robin Ashley, Sheffield Road, South Anston, Sheffield.

A subdued Boris Johnson after confirming that 100,000 people have died from Covid.

IT looks like the vaccination programme is going the same way as every other directive announced by the Government.

I live within walking distance of a “pop-up” vaccination centre in North Anston, yet my invitation to be vaccinated is from a “pop-up” centre in Shirebrook 16 miles away.

My wife, who is younger than I am, had hers in Worksop two weeks ago. You couldn’t make it up.

From: Tony Armitage, Fulwith Road, Harrogate.

I HAVE been fortunate to have my first Covid-19 vaccination, which just happened to be done at Acomb, near York.

I have total praise and thanks for everyone involved in the logistics of this gigantic and unprecedented task, from the Prime Minister to the car park attendants working today in temperatures below freezing.

The planning, sourcing and delivery of the vaccination in England has excelled the efforts of almost the remainder of the world. Those who complain have no justification.

From: Richard Wimpenny, Fixby, Huddersfield.

THE other day, my wife had to visit our hospital for an x-ray which was well-organised with efficient social distancing measures in place.

However the chaos she encountered at the entrance to the hospital left her feeling very uneasy. There are two entrance doors to the hospital but one was blocked off, so that people were jostling together entering and exiting through the same doors.

On a corridor leading to the reception are seats fixed in a line to the wall. No attempt had been made to isolate the seats where people were sitting next to each other. That hospitals, forever crying out about the pressures on the health service, should be so cavalier in their attitudes is unbelievable.

From: Mike Wynn, Driffield.

I HAVE just returned from receiving my first vaccination at Askham Bar Vaccination Centre, in York. Some of my friends have received their vaccination at the Alfred Bean Hospital, Driffield.

Everyone is unanimous – what a great job is being done. The logistics are quite astounding. Our thanks must go to everyone concerned, from the top of our government to those directing the traffic and people at the vaccination centres.

From: Martin J. Phillips, Tinshill Lane, Leeds.

ACCORDING to the official Government figures, the death toll from coronavirus passed 100,000 on Tuesday.

However, this figure only includes people who died within 28 days of having a positive Covid test.

If you include the people who have died without having had a Covid test, or those who has a positive test after 28 days, or those for whose test was negative, the actual death toll is far greater.

The Government is manipulating the figures to make the situation appear better than it actually is.

From: Michael Stephen Mycroft, Thornton-le-Dale.

THE announcement of 100,000 deaths due to the pandemic is a horror story.

However, before people make comments, surely they should be entitled to know the age groups, health conditions of the deceased, types of ethnicity, and analysis of areas where the deaths occurred?

Once we have this, every barrack room lawyer can have their say, but until then – stop condemning the Prime Minister.

From: Martin Fletcher, Flanders Court, Thorpe Hesley, Rotherham.

I HAD my jab on Sunday. All over in three seconds. No one should worry about it. A few of my neighbours, all over 70, have had it in the past week. No one has had any side effects so far.

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