Doubts over marina project

From: Terry Morrell, Prunus Avenue, Willerby, East Yorkshire.

HAVING read the inspectors’ report into the Bridlington marina plan, I continue to be highly sceptical about any advantages that it may create.

The inspector has trodden a very careful and cautious path to try to encourage local growth and placate the objectors, mainly the Harbour Commissioners, and consequently has produced nothing that will solve Bridlington’s economic problems either now or in the future.

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Until someone can come up with an unique attraction that will bring visitors to the town 365 days a year, the resort will have to rely upon more sunny Bank Holidays to fill their coffers.

People will not come specifically to shop and conference trade must have on-site quality hotel and car parking if their leaders are bring that income source to the place.

Stealing sheep

From: Steve Waldenberg, Evesham Croft, Bridlington.

YOUR article (Yorkshire Post, August 25) took me back 45 years.

At that time I was an accountancy student at Leeds College of Commerce. Paul Hockney (David’s older brother) was one of my lecturers. He recalled auditing the books of a Keighley area farmer one year and noticed a number of sheep missing off his inventory, more than had been booked as sold. The farmer responded: “Ay lad, there’s been quite a bit of rustling up on t’ moors lately.”

Looks as though it is still going on.

Return match

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

DORIS’S naivety in suggesting to Horace that he should place a bet on every dog in a greyhound race brings to mind my dear mother’s only venture into the world of gambling (Yorkshire Post, August 25).

She was persuaded to put two shillings “each way” on an outsider in the Derby. As her horse predictably finished well down the field she remarked to my father: “Never mind; it might win coming back.”