Duke and Duchess of Sussex should count their blessings or get proper jobs – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Mrs E.H. Bell, Newland Avenue, Driffield.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain under sharp scrutiny.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain under sharp scrutiny.

I COULDN’T agree more with the letter from Peter Rickaby (The Yorkshire Post, October 24) referring to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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As we are all aware, the death of Harry’s mother was a tragedy, but perhaps it may help him if he gave a thought to many other people in a far less privileged position to himself who have suffered a similar loss, maybe with no help whatsoever.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend a roundtable discussion on gender equality with the Queen's Commonwealth Trust and One Young World at Windsor Castle.

My first husband died with tragic suddenness when he and I were 29. My son was three but fine “in the head” and it affected him for the rest of his life. It was a full year before he stopped asking questions regularly. Sadly he died seven months ago from cancer. Had he been a “Royal”, his condition may have been detected sooner – who knows?

Thankfully my daughter wasn’t really badly affected as she was a tiny baby, but it troubled her very much later.

As a woman of the world, Meghan must surely have had more than a good idea how her life would be as a Royal.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

THE displeasure about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stems from the fact that they’re obsessive attention-seekers – but only on their terms. I suggest they both get proper jobs.