End all the muddle and axe benefits

From: CC Grace, Church Close, Maltby, Rotherham.

I SEE Ministers are getting in a muddle over the question of proposed changes to child benefit and so called “fairness”.

The solution is simple. Chancellor George Osborne should stand at the Despatch Box on March 21 – Budget day – and announce there will be no further payment of child benefit in respect of future children.

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As I see it there is no problem, those currently in receipt carry on as now and lose nothing.

Women who are currently pregnant will be able to claim – so no change there.

I don’t see any “unfairness” in my proposal, on the basis that – “you can’t miss somat you’ve never ‘ad” – there are no losers, just winners.

Only one fly in the ointment as I see it, there are no politicians of any party or persuasion with the guts to stand up and do it. Shame.

From;: N Bywater, Airedale Terrace, Morley, Leeds.

WE live in such a benefit dependant society that those earning £40,000 are kicking up a fuss because of the unfairness of having child benefit taken away.

In recent weeks, we have pensioners complaining in these pages just because some people think that they should pay towards their own travel on public transport.

How do we escape this trap whereby people will not accept personal responsibility and the need to pay for their own things?

Did socialists start this benefit culture that the Conservatives seem to be struggling to rid us of?

I do personally believe in free health care, but what else should be free?

Simple solution to policy costs

From: David H Rhodes, Keble Park North, Bishopthorpe, York.

CHEWING the cud over a pint, one of our threesome offered his solution to insurance premiums.

For four years he has automatically cancelled his policy at each year end after taking out a new policy with the same best value company.

The initial introduction offers are well below extending your existing policy with nearly all the insurance companies.

This illogical state of affairs comes about because new business is more valued than loyalty.

The “mugs” are expected to keep on renewing year on year with ever-increasing rates.

I tried to get a reaction with a couple of companies to see if a better deal could be struck by placing all my policies with them.

Not interested – different departments.

What logic is there in preferring the additional charges for new set-up, paperwork, form-filling and postage, staff sales, commissions etc as opposed to a simple letter/phone call confirming the continuation of a policy at the lower new business rate?

Blame wind for computers

From: David F Chambers, Sladeburn Drive, Northallerton.

YOUR Editorial (Yorkshire Post, February 22) questioned the value of providing the Met Office with super-computers to improve the accuracy of their weather forecasts. I suspect this is a bit of joined-up forward planning linked to windpower.

By the time the HS2 trains are introduced, they will rely on such power as the windmills are able to raise during a journey.

The Met Office will, I am sure, establish an enquiry office at Euston station to advise passengers on how long their proposed journey will take, hopefully accurate to within an hour or so on either side.

Scientists recently pin- pointed a specific danger of derailment of trains running at 225-250mph, but fortunately the situation would only arise when wind conditions were just right.

Frost report hits the spot

From: J Bore, Draycott Avenue, Hornsea.

I AM writing to state that I heartily endorse every word of your regular correspondent Barrie Frost’s excellent letter (Yorkshire Post, February 28).

Once again, Mr Frost makes some very cogent comments regarding the appalling failures, over many years, of the UK’s administration.

Regrettably, the only people who have the power and authority to rectify these failures will take no notice whatsoever of Mr Frost’s comments to judge by the lack of any positive response.

There are very obvious things that could be done to rectify some of these failures; all it requires is an acknowledgement that they need to be done, and the will and courage to do them.

I have no hope that that will happen.