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Will Boris Johnson secure a Brexit deal by October 31?
Will Boris Johnson secure a Brexit deal by October 31?
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From: Tim Hunter, Fairfield Avenue, Knaresborough.

I think that Boris Johnson’s new Brexit proposals should be welcomed and supported by everyone in the UK Parliament (The Yorkshire Post, October 3). Many people, including myself, had started to think that maybe Johnson’s only real aim was a no-deal Brexit.

Parliament remains deadlocked over Brexit.

Parliament remains deadlocked over Brexit.

Well, these proposals prove otherwise. We even seem to be looking at getting the ERG group and the DUP onside, which is truly excellent news.

The proposal is, to a certain extent , the May deal with the alternative backstop arrangements brought forward into the Withdrawal Agreement. There is nothing extreme whatsoever in what is being proposed.

This is where every Yorkshire MP now stands on Brexit as Parliament returns

It’s a proposal that hasn’t met with a huge amount of enthusiasm from the EU so far, but it hasn’t been rejected outright either.

Leave supporters holding placards outside Parliament.

Leave supporters holding placards outside Parliament.

I think the EU are waiting to see if it’s something that can get through the UK Parliament.

If the UK Parliament will support it in an indicative vote, that will put additional pressure on the EU to finally resolve the Brexit issue.

It’s now time for the UK Parliament, if it truly wants to avoid a no-deal, to support this proposal.

It’s pretty clear that there is no point on them relying on the Benn Act – which has more loopholes than a pair of baseball shoes.

I believe that Johnson will take us out without a deal on October 31 if his new proposal is not supported.

From: Jane Speller, Brighouse.

As a supporter of Make Votes Matter, a cross-party campaign for Proportional Representation in the House of Commons, Derrick Bond (The Yorkshire Post, September 25) is incorrect in his assumption that a referendum has already rejected Proportional Representation. The British people have never had a say on Proportional Representation.

The 2011 referendum on the Alternative Vote (AV) system is often less proportional than first-past-the-post. If AV had been used in 2015 – the most disproportionate general election outcome – it would have given the Conservatives an even larger majority on the same vote share.

When Caroline Lucas MP proposed a cross-party amendment to include proportional systems as options in the referendum in 2011, it was voted down by MPs.

From: Terry Tebbett, Leeds.

It’s about time politicians grew up. Time is spent debating how politicians speak to each other. Surrender, capitulate – toxic words? What planet are these politicians on?

The Remainers can’t stand the fact that Boris Johnson is intent on delivering Brexit. They expected him coming back to Parliament humble, apologetic, beaten. Instead he came back fighting and they just couldn’t  deal with it.  

Boris genuinely wants to deliver the will of the people. Does the Labour Party (Emily Thornberry and Alex Sobel, The Yorkshire Post, October 3)?

Get us out. Treat our vote with respect.

From: Jean Norfolk, Leeds.
I never saw Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister, but I must admit that since he took up the role my opinion has changed somewhat.

He is the only one among the entire inept crew at Westminster who has resolutely fought to deliver the exit from the EU that thousands (including myself!) voted for.

But his attempts have been thwarted by politicians from all sides of Parliament – including his own – as they totally ignored the will of the British people and prevented them achieving the exit from Europe they had voted for.