February 13 letters: Article on the state of golf was right on target

From: Adam Frontal, Managing Director, Cookridge Hall Golf Club, Leeds.

I WOULD like to say what an excellent article Grant Woodward wrote on golf, BBC, Sky TV and the R&A over the recent announcement of the switch of The Open to Sky (The Yorkshire Post, February 7). Not only were his points most valid on the television aspect, commentators and overall coverage, but also his perception of where golf is at present.

If only the powers-that-be could open their eyes to the current trends and situation the sport is in at present.

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I have over the last few years made comments to the county union, the English Golf Union and now England Golf over the state of our game and its lack of growth.

We here at Cookridge Hall won Golfmark Club of the Year in 2014 for our input into beginners and juniors alike, this unfortunately is not passed around the country, and the lack of support is startling.

If we only knew what actually happens behind the scenes. Once again, a great article but sadly it will land on deaf ears unless more of us can put up a fight.