February 18 letters: Ukip only way to avoid 

From: David Nutt, Huby, Leeds.

FOR the uninitiated, amongst which I numbered myself, the disreputable term ‘dog-whistle’ politics refers to an alleged and racist ‘high-pitched’ element of politicking audible only to ‘dogs’ slavering to hear it.

I am a loony fruitcake Ukip dog who objects to Ray Riley’s thinly veiled inference (The Yorkshire Post, February 14) that Ukip supporters are racist and deserve somehow to be associated with the German atrocity of the 30s and 40s.

Far from lacking a sense of history, or responsibility for present times, Ukip recognises that our current subjugation to the incompetent corrupt and weak EU increases the dangers we face – had this country not been able to act independently in 1939 it is probable that Nazi rule and all that it entailed would still prevail – such independence remains as vital now as ever.

The need to take control of immigration into Britain is an important and non-racist side issue, which would not now be pressing if we had avoided being conned into swapping our membership of the non-political EEC for full EU political integration.

Ukip is our only chance of reversing this disaster.

From: Dave Asher, Pickard Crescent, Sheffield.

NEVER in the history of British politics has so much bile been directed towards a radical, yet essentially moderate, political party.

We have learned to expect nastiness and bitter ranting from the left-wing organs of the media, but the newspapers of the right have also launched a vicious ‘kick Ukip’ policy in recent years.

So many stories have been manufactured and exaggerated. Minor issues have been presented with astonishing slants which would have done Stalin, Pravda and Izvestia proud. Even the Daily Mail’s customary attacks on Labour have been made to seem trivial by comparison.

It seems that the national media of the establishment cannot face any change to the status quo and are prepared to go to any length to achieve that goal.

Well, it makes me all the more determined to oppose those who abuse free speech and democracy – whether in Rotherham or anywhere else.

From: Martin Hall, Woodhouse Lane, Beighton.

I HAVE just looked back through governments of the last 50 years.

Labour’s record is abysmal – they have consistently spent money which the country did not possess; they borrowed wildly; they spent unwisely. More than that, they have wilfully let down ordinary people.

Admittedly, the Conservatives have had to try to clear up the economic disasters which they have regularly inherited – but they have been the party of saying one thing then doing another. Look at their record on crime and punishment; immigration; rewarding the hardworking; referenda et al. On top of this they wickedly pretend that the EU will permit itself to be reformed.

In a different way, a record every bit as bad as that of Labour. Along with the Lib Dems, these two parties have also brought us the ‘delights’ of political correctness.

Time for change is now long overdue. Ukip must be given the chance. From the amount of propaganda used against them, it is abundantly clear that these losers fear Messrs Farage, Nuttall and co. Good!

From: Les Arnott, Athelstan Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

TREV Bromby (The Yorkshire Post, February 13) makes a valid point about Pub Landlord, Al Murray, standing against Nigel Farage in Thanet.

I do not possess a crystal ball but I am certain that this move will ultimately assist Mr Farage. All we need to do is ask ourselves which types of people will find it amusing to vote for Al. Ukip appeals to those who demand common sense – so they will lose very few votes indeed.

This is the kind of thing which will have schoolboy Leftists sniggering. It will surely be their votes alone which will head towards Mr Murray – thus making Mr Farage’s task somewhat easier.

From: June Warner, Kirk Deighton.

NOT even once in a generation does the Great British Public get the opportunity to change our rancid political system. We are rooted in the democracy-rejecting ‘we-know-best’ politics of the liberal elite and the three parties which this failed grouping owns lock, stock and barrel.

I am not telling people to vote Ukip – hardly my place – but what I am asking is for voters to investigate the new kids on the block. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to democracy.

The legions of attacks on the party are vile, largely inaccurate and way beyond anything previously seen on these shores. But this ‘black propaganda’ originates solely from ‘the usual suspects’ who have already proved utterly untrustworthy over many decades.

The LibLabCon and their acolytes are living in terror of change.

Hence my request to scrutinise Ukip policies and see whether they are what they claim to be or are they just ‘losers’ as presented by their enemies.

If Ukip is the answer and we do not support them in May, when will voters next get an opportunity to change a rotten system?

From: Ken Cooke, Wheatley Road, Ilkley.

REGARDING austerity Britain and the privileged few, William Snowden (The Yorkshire Post, February 12) provides a laudable exposé of Britain’s unwritten constitution, which is subsequently totally undermined by David Butcher (‘Greek Austerity’, The Yorkshire Post, February 13).

The sub-plot of David Butcher’s argument, which I support, is that over the centuries our constitution has been drafted by silver spooners to favour silver spooners.

And please don’t wave Magna Carta at me, for that too was engineered by a bunch of silver spooners.

Our fate, in William Snowden’s words, could well be that of a “ragbag of offshore regions” unless we get off our backsides and seriously work to make the EU a better place for all of us.