February 21 letters: Advice better than food banks

From: Hugh Rogers, Ashby.

FOOD bank operators rail against low inflation as being “unhelpful” to the poor. Considering that their customers pay nothing at all, I find this a bit odd. What do they want? High inflation and soaring prices in the shops?

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If the comfortably-off middle classes want something positive to do, I suggest they set up free advisory services to help poorer people manage their incomes instead of encouraging folk to believe they have to patronise food banks to make ends meet.

From: John Watson, Main Street, Kirk Deighton, Wetherby.

WHY does Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party, believe that a wealth tax starting at £3m would bring in £45bn in annual revenue? In France, the wealth tax starts at £800,000 and brings in just £4bn.