Female views on Tory mixed

From: Betty Peel, Wharfedale, Filey, North Yorkshire.

I AN writing to take issue 
with the point that Anne McIntosh MP, to remain as a Conservative candidate in 
Thirsk and Malton, would 
win a ballot because she has 
the support of women and farmers.

There are many women I 
know, who are strong supporters of the Conservative Party and the fundraising events held in this area who do not support our MP.

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I cannot answer for the farming community.

Road hogs
in tractors

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

I APPRECIATE that at this time 
of year our agricultural friends 
are busy and have to bring in their crops and move 
machinery on our already overcrowded roads, but I would ask that they show a little consideration to the rest of we poor souls who have to use the same roads.

The other day, I counted no 
less than 43 cars following a tractor with a hedge cutter attachment, just south of Bridlington.

Surprise, surprise not more 
than four miles further on, yet another tractor towing a machine of some sorts, with 38 cars behind.

Golf fan’s 
cup of woe

From: Jenny Onions, The Pastures, Carlton, Goole.

HAVING failed to obtain a 
ticket in the ballot for next 
year’s Ryder Cup, I would 
be interested to know how 
many tickets are available for the three days, and how many of those are actually sold to the public.

Can anyone give me a straight answer to this question?