Figures show trade unionists don’t back strike

From: Anthony Hopkins, Carlton Drive, Guiseley, Leeds.

In your report of the Unison ballot result (Yorkshire Post, November 4), it is stated that Unison said its members backed a campaign of industrial action.

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It is further stated Unison said 1.1 million voting papers were sent out to members and 245,358 voted in favour of strike action with 70,253 voting against. Presumably the remainig 784,389 persons eligible to vote indicated a no strike action by virtue of not returning their ballot papers.

Unison should more honestly have said that only a small minority, 22 per cent of membership, voted in favour of strike action with the sizeable majority of 78 per cent either voting against a strike or totally ignoring leadership recommendation, but then such a report would have left its leadership with a total lack of credibility.

Thankfully the huge majority of members understand the reality of the situation by which they have pension schemes providing excellent benefits compared with the vast majority of workers in the private sector, and such schemes require adjustments to reflect the parlous economic state of the country. One desperately hopes the 78 per cent of non-strike membership will be able to work normally on strike day(s) and not be bullied by a minority of members and a leadership apparently completely divorced from reality. Why should the country be held to ransom by such a clique?