Football has lost its way with focus on winning

From: Michael Booth, The Birches, Bramhope.

I AGREE generally with the comments of your correspondent, Aled Jones (Yorkshire Post, March 16) regarding the exorbitant charges made by football clubs, although nobody is forced to pay them.

I rapidly lost interest in the game when big money came into it, and I now firmly believe that the media should stop referring to it as a sport.

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Football has long ceased to be a sport; it is now undoubtedly big business and all sportsmanship has gone. The purpose nowadays is to win, win, win by any means possible.

I know that the football clubs argue that they have to fix such exorbitant charges in order to pay the players their gross salaries, but I believe that the whole pack of cards will collapse in the not too distant future.

In these straitened time, people will be unable to afford the prices asked to see a game. A father taking two sons to a game gets little change from £80 to £90 and soon that will become prohibitive to a lot of families. When the threatened redundancies start to bite, fans will be unable to afford such charges to watch other people participate in a game.

For me, I just hope that the time will soon come for the players to be subjected to very substantial salary cuts, and we may then return to normal and see some sport again.