Football makes beer look cheap

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I DRIVE a car and enjoy a drink – though not at the same time, I hasten to add – so I read with interest John Rookes’ argument that considering the relative investment of time and expense, alcohol was more overpriced than petrol (Yorkshire Post, November 22).

If we are talking about pub prices rather than drink in supermarkets, then I am inclined to agree.

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There is, however, a commodity which now makes the purchase of car fuel and booze look like a positive steal.

For my sins, I have always been a football fanatic. When my beloved Barnsley were not playing, accompanied by a friend, I would go to watch the likes of Leeds and Manchester United in the days of Don Revie and Sir Matt Busby.

We usually agreed that one of us would pay for the match and the other would take their car, and therefore would pay for the petrol.

Anyone who follows football will know that such a suggestion would now be preposterous.

Who votes for Lords’ Bishops?

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

CHURCH of England bishops are given seats in the House of Lords; they therefore feel quite rightly that they are part of the government.

I have always thought it odd that we elect a government and then appoint an unelected body to tell Members of Parliament what to do. No wonder MPs get annoyed.

Give unions a say on top pay

From: BJ Cussons, Ilkley.

WE are given to understand that Ed Miliband believes workers should decide how much salary their employers should receive.

In the interests of equal opportunities, can we be assured that he will lobby for trade union members to have the same rights in respect of the trade union leaders?