Gay marriage bill runs risk of right royal mess

From: Geoffrey North, Silverdale Avenue, Guiseley, Leeds.

IT is not often that I put pen to paper but having read your 
letters page (Yorkshire Post, February 11) I share with the writers a sense of outrage concerning the Government’s hasty attempts to push this gay marriage bill through 

What impertinence our politicians have shown in damaging our age old sanctity of marriage without having discussed the proposals first with the electorate. Surely there are more important issues facing our country?

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Governments often have to make decisions in the face of changing events without first informing the country. But this is not one of them.

It seems that the Government has upstaged the opposition in order to win votes! How cynical can you get.

And where does the monarchy stand in all of this?

What if a future monarch 
was gay and wanted a gay marriage?

Apart from this country becoming a laughing stock around the world, the monarch is head of the established church which has already distanced 
itself from conducting gay marriages.

It looks like a registry office wedding would be the only option! What a mess.

From: Malcolm Stroud, Elmfield Drive, Cottingham, East Riding.

I AM sickened by the Prime Minister’s pledge to legalise gay marriage.

My marriage was made intending to produce 
children, the same with most marriages, unlike the same sex variety.

Accordingly it is my intention to withdraw my support and my membership after 54 years.