Goodby and good riddance to Humberside

From: Martyn L Scargill, Chantry Meadows, Kilham, East Yorkshire.

at last! Common sense finally prevails as the Royal Mail finally drops the pernicious “Humberside” from its postal database (The Yorkshire Post, October 1).

It should never have been created in the first place during that pointless bureaucratic and nonsensical reorganisation in 1974.

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We are merely Yorkshire people, like the rest of the 
county, dearly wishing that our proper address be finally restored.

After all, people of the Sheffield area have never had to endure anything like “North Notts Extension” have they? Neither have the Dales people had to suffer “South Cumbria” or whatever.

At least these appellations would have included proper English county names – not nearly as bad as the hideous “Humberside”.

It strikes me that these are certain misguided individuals who, incredibly, dislike the 
name “Yorkshire” and thank heavens that it is finally cleared up.

The East Riding of Yorkshire is the county authority which administers this part of Yorkshire, after all, and that is a fact. Not pie in the sky.

Good riddance!