Hamas’s weapon storage to blame for civilian casualties

From: Martin D. Stern, Hanover Gardens, Salford.

I WONDER where Brian Lewis (The Yorkshire Post, August 6) managed to find a group of Israeli people chanting “No schools are needed in Gaza because there will soon be no children”, but the implication that they are typical is a gross slander. Such fringe groups are disowned by the vast majority of Israelis.

That “too many places where children gather have been bombed” is a consequence of Hamas’s use of schools, hospitals, mosques and apartment blocks for the storage of munitions, digging of cross-border attack tunnels and rocket launching – themselves clear war crimes – with the deliberate intention that there will be civilian casualties.

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This is the primary reason for the death and maiming of children in Gaza, not the efforts of the Israeli army to dislodge those shooting rockets at Israeli civilians.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

IN her resignation speech, Baroness Warsi appeared to threaten that the Muslim community will retaliate unless this country does as she, and they, wish. I wondered how long it would be before this came out into the open.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

SO Sayeeda Warsi resigns. Let it be remembered that she has never won any election apart from David Cameron’s ‘freebie’ when he made her a Baroness to get her into Whitehall.

From: Michael Ross, Weeton Lane, Dunkeswick, North Yorkshire.

READING and listening to the reports on the fighting in 
Gaza, mainly anti-Israel, I ask myself what would the attitude of the British public have been if the 1939-45 war had been 
played out on televisions in every home?

Although the make up and character of the British population is very different now, how would they have reacted if they had seen pictures of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children killed and maimed by nightly air raids over German cities for years by Allied bombers?

From: F Wyatt, Pocklington.

AS a British born and 
bred subject with no affiliation 
to either the Jewish or 
Muslim peoples, may I ask 
which of them has contributed most to the betterment 
of the world in which we