Happy customer of card protection company

From: Maureen Hunt, Woolley, near Wakefield.

RECENTLY I received a telephone call asking me if my credit cards were insured. When I replied that I’m with CPP, I was told that I might be able to make a claim of up to £2,000 for a mis-sold policy. Shocked, I said that I had no intention of suing as I am receiving the service which I require.

A decade ago, my handbag was stolen from the kitchen after lunch. My husband was out. After a frantic and disbelieving search, having discovered that the back door was unlocked, I was forced to accept that it had really gone. There was just time to make a phone call to CPP before I started work.

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Then there was a trip into town to replenish the “oh-so-vital” make-up, a dinner to provide, more work in the evening and the following day we were going to a family wedding which entailed an overnight stay.

How would all that have been accomplished without card protection – at least without succumbing to a nervous collapse?

I am sick and tired of receiving phone calls enquiring if I’ve had a recent accident, worked in a noisy environment or anything else for which a claim might be made.

There are no longer any accidents because there is always someone to blame so that money can be made. That’s strange when I’ve had several falls which were all due to my lack of concentration!

My policy with CPP was taken out in 1985 through the now defunct Abbey National. It was not mis-sold and I would certainly not want to be without it. For the 1,969 staff which this company employs (Yorkshire Post, February 24) it would be a disaster if they lost their jobs. It is to be hoped that there are sufficient satisfied and loyal customers who will resist the temptation to make easy money.