Harrogate MP Andrew Jones betraying democracy by backing Boris Johnson over Parliament’s suspension – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Prof David Whitton, Harrogate.

Should Harrogate MP Andrew Jones, the former Rail Minister, have backed the suspension of Parliament?
Should Harrogate MP Andrew Jones, the former Rail Minister, have backed the suspension of Parliament?

I FIND it disappointing that the person elected to represent us in Parliament chose to support the Prime Minister in his defiance of Parliament.

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When a Prime Minister displays open contempt for parliament, it falls to backbench MPs of all parties to defend it. Many Conservative MPs did so to their cost, but not our MP.

Protesters outside the Supreme Court, London, where judges are considering legal challenges to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament.

In defending his decision, Andrew Jones obediently cites the Government’s claim that the five-week prorogation during a national crisis has nothing to do with stifling debate, a claim which is so transparently false that it seems unlikely it was ever meant to be taken seriously.

We elect parliaments to legislate on our behalf, to subject the government of the day to scrutiny and hold the Executive accountable for its actions. These functions are the absolute bedrock of our democracy. When the Executive for its own convenience prevents Parliament from exercising them, it is an attack on democracy itself. It is difficult to see how an MP can condone this and still claim to uphold democracy.

Was Boris Johnson right to suspend Parliament for so long?

From: James Kenny, Howlett Cross, Leeds.

CITING the great Winston Churchill as her go to statesperson, Jayne Dowle (The Yorkshire Post, September 19) puts forward David Cameron for fresh appraisal in a ludicrous comparison. Cameron, cowardly and irresponsible, ship jumper and now desperate salesman of a grubby autobiography, is a fine politician. Johnson is trashed with utter contempt. However it is Johnson who is now bravely standing up to the EU cabal.

From: Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet.

WHY is David Cameron apologising? He gave the majority what they wanted (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, September 20). However, he should feel guilty after he turned his back on the country when he didn’t get the referendum result he wanted. Like John Major he would do well to step back into the shadows of obscurity where he belongs.

From: Jim Sokol, Hempton, Banbury.

JO Swinson’s boast that after the next general election she will be prime minister just demonstrates how deluded she is. I have as much chance – and I’m not even a politician (The Yorkshire Post, September 18).

Moreover, the new Liberal Democrat defectors from other political parties – prime examples are Sam Gyimah, Sarah Wollaston and even Chuka Umunna – are likely lose their seats from their current Tory and Labour stronghold constituencies. While the Lib Dems may gain from Labour and Conservative marginals through tactical voting, I do not envisage them topping 20 seats. Providing Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage get their heads together, the Leave vote will win.

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

YOUR correspondent Canon Michael Storey ought to be wary of attaching too much significance to the testimony of David Cameron. This is the Prime Minister who stated categorically that the referendum result would be binding; who undertook to remain in office whatever the result – and then immediately resigned.

From: Bob Watson, Baildon.

I WAS eating my lunchtime sandwich while reading the front page of The Yorkshire Post (September 19) when a large piece of tomato fell out and totally obliterated the printed picture of the Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

What a pity, I thought, that we cannot get rid of this Marxist disaster so easily. The thought of him having any sort of control of the UK beggars belief, with the consequent wrecking of the economy, from which it would take decades to recover.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

SO Labour would remove the charity status of private schools and put VAT on tuition fees. Once again they reveal their Marxist ideals. We will never all be equal as we are all individuals and this scheme just removes the rights of us, as individuals, to decide what we will do with our money on which we have already paid income tax. I could never vote for a party that removes my right to determine how I run my life.