Have virus deaths been exaggerated by medics? – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston, Skipton.

AS sad as the loss of 100,000 lives is, I feel the figures bear no relevance to the truth. I have heard various stories of ‘Covid-related’ being put on death certificates to save post-mortem examinations, and even where people obviously died of something else but had had Covid in the month before death.

A few weeks ago an elderly relative of mine died in a care home in Greater London of chest problems. She suffered from dementia and due to the chest problems she was Covid-tested. The result came back as negative. That afternoon she sadly passed away. On the death certificate, yes you guessed it, Covid-related. How can that be?

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That is just one case, so how many more are the same? As 
the death figures are taken 
from registered deaths and their causes, these figures just cannot be relied upon. Yes, this is a serious pandemic and I have 
no time for these idiots deliberately flouting the regulations, but how are we to believe ‘the facts’?

Boris Johnson after the UK's death toll from Covid exceeded 100,000.

From: Patrick Mosey, Hull.

THE Government is hoping to have the top four groups vaccinated (first dose) by the middle of February, but wouldn’t it make more sense to vaccinate all teachers to get pupils back in schools and then organise a mass vaccination programme for pupils within the first week of them going back to school?

Let’s face it, regardless of lockdown, children are still congregating in groups, especially teenagers (certainly within Hull) as they refuse to abide by the rules and are seeing the lockdown as “one big holiday”. Open up the schools and vaccinate everyone whilst they are there.

From: Roger B Brown, Sandal, Wakefield.

Boris Johnson at a 10 Downing Street press briefing.

WITH regard to both the production of the Covid-19 vaccine, and associated protectionist tactics which seek to restrict distribution, and their desire to decimate our financial services, the European Union is at last exposing its true colours. Clearly they will stop at nothing in their desire to belittle and damage our economy and country.

Consequently, we must support British manufactures, farmers and fishermen, and refuse to buy anything produced by ‘our friends in Europe’. This must include wine, cars, fruit etc. If such action proves equally harmful to their prosperity, then perhaps a more realistic relationship with Europe might evolve.

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