Healthy bureaucracy

From: WA Forster, Wellington Mews, Ripon.

TWO years ago I succumbed to several ailments, some necessitating admission to hospital. I am now in better health, but overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork inflicted on me by the NHS.

For every new drug prescribed, I receive a statement of considerable length telling me about the drug and a cross-examination. I wonder how many recipients understand it all?

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The purpose is of course to clear the NHS of any possible claim for negligence. Fine, but how many patients have a clue what it is all about? Don’t blame the doctors – it is just a feature of our modern litigious society.

Elderly care

From: RC Dales, Church View, Brompton, Northallerton.

MAY I applaud Mr Johnson’s letter (Yorkshire Post, November 3) which earned your headline “Ailing care services would be better off under NHS control”.

He asked the question: “Why haven’t our MPs acted on the proposal?” There is one point to add to Mr Johnson’s comments on the future of care of the elderly. If the service is to be transferred to the NHS, the cost of the service should be contributed annually to the NHS by the 152 councils at present paying for it.

Cull the badgers

From: C Jackson, Adel, Leeds.

I SEE that the “badger huggers” have stopped the cull. Do they realise how many more cattle (thousands) will be sent to slaughter to save a few badgers, which are no use to anyone, seldom seen and do nothing useful? While the world needs the milk and beef from the killed cattle, the farmer loses his livelihood and it costs me and you millions in compensation.

The matter is serious. Give the cull a trial.