Here’s why Fiona Bruce is out of her depth on BBC’s Question Time – Yorkshire Post Letters

Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce.
Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce.
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From: Stephen Oliver, Churchill Grove, Heckmondwike.

THE subject of BBC TV’s 
Question Time has again been raised by Neil McNicholas (The Yorkshire Post, October 17) and how it is mishandled by Fiona Bruce.

Is Fiona Bruce a good chair of Question Time?

Is Fiona Bruce a good chair of Question Time?

Also Feedback comments on October 19 were also aimed at Ms Bruce’s lack of control and interrupting/arguing with panellists.

How Fiona Bruce has turned Question Time into a political circus as Extinction Rebellion activist indulged – Neil McNicholas

In March, I wrote about this same subject and Ms Bruce’s poor management of the contributions from both the speakers and the audience. She has the annoying habit of going to the audience after just the first speaker (sometimes after the second) which means that the fifth panellist sits there for 10-12 minutes while the other four panellists speak.

Why Fiona Bruce should be sacked as Question Time presenter - Yorkshire Post Letters

The audience should not be brought in until all five panellists have spoken.

This same BBC affliction also is evident on Radio 4’s Any Answers on Saturday at 2pm in response to the earlier Any Questions programme. It is usually presented by Anita Anand who must have attended the same BBC training as Fiona Bruce.

At the end of the 30-minute programme, I always seem to feel that, instead of hearing numerous callers’ views, the overriding voice has been that of Ms Anand for almost a third of it.

From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

FATHER Neil McNicholas is absolutely right about the degeneration of Question Time from an interesting question-and-answer television programme to a shouting match-cum-party political broadcast (The Yorkshire Post, October 17).

It was heading in this direction even under David Dimbleby, but the chairmanship of the ubiquitous Fiona Bruce is a disaster.

In the past I was occasionally prompted to shout “Let him/her answer the question” at the television but I no longer do this as I stopped watching the programme some time ago.

My blood pressure could no longer stand the strain.