How to choose
a new school

From: Brian Hanwell, Halifax.

IN response to Jayne Dowle’s brilliant article (Yorkshire Post, September 24), I would like to offer the following advice about choosing schools.

Visit as many schools as possible, look around, listen 
to the pupils and teachers talking, and then choose a 
school which is multi-ethnic and where everybody – or nearly everybody – speaks standard English.

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From: Rodney Gordon Cartwright, West Avenue, Filey.

I WOULD have thought being 
a journalist and a university 
tutor that Jayne Dowle would know better (Yorkshire Post, September 24). Kids are baby goats and not little boys and 

And on a similar theme, 
will all journalists and 
reporters please stop using “almost exactly”.

Surely, that is an impossibility.

What is a nurse trained to do?

From: Mrs Joy Walters, Kirkdale Court, Kirkbymoorside, York.

MY blood pressure has just gone up again. I presume Ruth Pickles is a nurse, or how else would she write such an appallingly unsympathetic letter (Yorkshire Post, September 24).

I thought nurses were trained 
to look after patients, and 
help them when necessary – not swan about looking down 
their noses because they have 
a degree. Some of us have a degree too.

I have just had the misfortune 
to be in hospital for a week, 
after a major operation. No 
help with anything. I was lucky 
to be given my pills.

One day they lost my patient notes, so I had no medication that day at all.

Thank you Jayne Dowle for an excellent article.