How smart motorway mayhem has nearly killed me on M1 – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Andrew Jeffery, Royds Park, Denby Dale.

I HAVE read the ongoing debate about ‘smart motorways’ in The Yorkshire Post.

As a twice daily user of the 
M1 in Yorkshire, I have experienced the dangers of 
these sections of the 

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Should smart motorways be scrapped?

I was driving on the M1 motorway in Yorkshire, in the inside lane when the commercial vehicle in front of me pulled out into the second lane without signalling.

As the lorry moved over I saw a stationary car in the live lane, right in front of me.

There was no opportunity to move into the next lane because of traffic moving fast without a gap.

There are calls to scrap smart motorways - what is your view?

I had no option but to stop quickly behind the stationary car. I was very lucky that no one ran into the back of my car.

After some minutes, I was able to move out.

This situation has happened 
to me three times in the 
last year, and I am fortunate to 
be alive to tell you what happened.

There were no warnings on the overhead signs. There is obviously a delay in giving drivers a warning. During this delay, accidents are happening and people are being killed.

Smart motorways are dangerous and should be scrapped.