HS2 will do nothing to help ordinary people - Yorkshire Post letters

From: JA King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a visit to a railway station in Birmingham where the HS2 rail project is under construction. Photo: Eddie Keogh/PA Wire

I THINK I have heard it all now – HS2 set off at an estimated £25bn but today has reached £108bn and no doubt if allowed to continue will double at least by completion to £200bn plus.

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The reason given for this white elephant is to increase capacity and connectivity. And as I see it, it does little of both.

What will the impact of HS2 be?

I see the only ones being able to afford this service will be businessmen, MPs and councillors all on their expense accounts and in the case of the latter two at the taxpayers’ expense.

If there is a case for increased capacity and connectivity, money would be far better spent on upgrading and electrifying the Midland Main Line, then continuing this line via the Woodhead line where most of the infrastructure 
is still in place through to Manchester then to Liverpool, with a branch north of Sheffield to serve Bradford and Leeds.

This would indeed increase capacity and bring in far more connectivity serving far more people and giving far better value for money. However, the fantasy HS2 project will still have its self-interested backers.