HS3 just political gesture on the wrong track

From: Brian Graham, Knox Gardens, Harrogate

YOUR editorial (The Yorkshire Post, June 24) missed the point of George Osborne’s sudden enthusiasm for the well being of the North by the spontaneous proposal of HS3 link. This is a pure political gesture, a PR soundbite devoid of any substance, which will be forgotten after the next election since it of no benefit to the Conservative heartlands.

Given that a professional politician’s first priority is to keep his job, above and beyond the well being of the country, the proposal is designed to keep the present party in power.

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Preferring to duplicate a short rail link in England rather than extending HS2 towards Scotland is further evidence of Westminster’s disregard of Scottish interests. It further ensures a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum.

With Scotland out of the frame along with its Labour MPs, a Conservative government is assured for many years ahead. That is the point and the detailed discussions on cost and planning are irrelevant.

Further, with a Conservative government consolidated in power, the HS2 proposals which presently clearly benefit the North, can be cancelled since again there is no short-term benefit to the Conservative heartlands.