Hypocrisy of disgraced former Co-op bank boss

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley, West Yorkshire.

While recently dining with pals, who, like me, are regular Yorkshire Post readers, I encountered several comments of appreciation regarding Bill Carmichael’s outstanding column (Yorkshire Post, November 22) reflecting on the disgraced Rev Paul Flowers.

I do feel sorry for the Methodist Church, as his preaching must have been of the highest hypocritical order. People who deem to ascend the pulpit stairs and direct congregations how to conduct their lives in the name of God are taken on special trust. The betrayal of the Wibsey Methodist Church is phenomenal. As Bill Carmichael pointed out, Flowers’ appalling behaviour was conveniently overlooked by his left-wing chums. He glided effortlessly upwards to the highest circles in the Labour Party, finding himself on Ed Miliband’s business advisory group, packed with senior party leaders.

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From his position as Co-op Bank chairman he engineered soft loans to Labour and special donations to Ed Balls.

This catalogue of distressing events concocted by former councillor Paul Flowers can easily be summed up in a short sentence – the cream of Labour and scum of the earth!

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

With regard to people’s anger that disgraced former Co-operative Bank chairman was awarded a £60,000 “golden goodbye”, I would ask anyone to consider words in the Bible: “A good name is better to be had than great riches.”

Of course, £60,000 is great 
riches to the many people in or out of a job who the Rev Paul Flowers once represented on Bradford Council.

But ask yourself, would 
you change places with 
this man who has got 
himself into so much 
deep water?