If the Libyans need our help, then what about Palestine?

From: Robert Cartlidge, Storth Lane, Wales, Sheffield.

DAVID Cameron’s chauvinism can lead us into another huge debacle of war. His entire outlook is monstrously below par. Our Foreign Secretary, too, has proven to be very weak. With limited vision, William Hague has shown great ineptitude.

Both Cameron and French President Sarkozy have joined hands jingoistically marking a point of intervention in Libya. If American and Britain are so anxious about helping the protesters of Libya, why don’t they do the same in Palestine?

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The people there have suffered for decades of brutal air and military attacks. Isn’t it against all principles of the massacres of ordinary citizens to achieve an objective? Our shame is that we are killing innocent civilians – we have made another whacking big mistake.

Classing Gaddafi as a dictator is an excuse nothing short of hypocrisy – a “democratic” dictatorship. Actions speak louder than words.

We have entered into a wilderness now of never-ending upheaval. The slaughter is carrying on despite Gadaffi’s ceasefire statements.

The morals are cast aside with insidious affirmations. Colonel Gaddafi may well be guilty of air attacks and use of tanks, but we are doing the same, even worse, in another country. Negotiation with Gaddaffi is the only solution; lives are most precious.

From: Malcolm Naylor, Grange View, Otley.

ARE we too close to events to see what is really going on? Are we distracted by our day-to-day problems to take action?

The latest step in the Tory plan is to cut the Armed Forces while two wars are underway (Yorkshire Post, April 5). Is this madness, incompetence or a deliberate plan for what is to follow?

Taken together with the rising unemployment, civil disobedience and crime what are the Establishment Tories really up to?

The wars will not get any less but more prolonged. So where are the Armed Forces to come from? What will be the next step in the Tory plan? Does conscription sound a possibility? “National” Service will come the cry to solve unemployment, occupy the disaffected rebels as the Establishment propaganda creates bogeymen for us to hate and instil fear.

This country is controlled not by democracy but by capitalists. Capitalism works by “free” markets and when we say “free” we mean those with the most money have the most say. One-man one vote is an illusion. Money does not talk. It shouts. One has only to look at any section of society to see this is true. Stand back a while and look at what is happening. See the big picture the Establishment Tories are painting. It is not the Sistine Chapel. It is the descent into hell.

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

WESTMINSTER’S Prime Minister, David Cameron, appears to be, by speech after speech, digging himself deeper into the quagmire of international politics, and increasingly failing to take on his apparent target to wear the mantle of this country’s greatest, who got us through World War Two.

The trouble with David Cameron is that he has never attended the University of Life and his qualifications do not come up to the standards of those expected by his peers, the public, the people who had put faith in him after the Labour fiasco.