Incandescent after the death of Geronimo the Alpaca - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Bridget Duncan, Pontefract.

Geronimo the Alpaca. Picture: SWNS.

I AM bordering on incandescent with upset and rage.

Sadly, it was inevitable that following two positive TB tests, Geronimo the Alpaca would have to euthanised.

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However, surely to goodness this could have been done with kindness in the privacy of his own stable, hopefully with his head in a bucket of favourite food.

Instead he was subjected to a cruel dragging on the end of a long halter, by a large number of strange men, none of whose voices he would recognise, who were wearing scary protective clothing.

Remember, animals are sentient beings. To compound the felony this was shown in detail by ‘drone footage’ on national television.

What vet worth his salt would be party to such an inhumane spectacle? The death of any well loved animal is always an extremely upsetting time, but sometimes euthanasia (defined by some as ‘a gentle death’) is the only option.

We abandoned public executions many years ago. Surely it is our duty to animals we care for to afford them kindness and dignity at their end.

I trust that in the fullness of time we shall we told the results of the post-mortem examination.