Industry under the hammer

From: G Ellison, Hawthorn Avenue, Dronfield.

IF the unemployed are idle as we are led to believe, with little industry left, then before the Second World War and after, the unemployed in their millions must then have been bone idle when our industry was booming all over the UK.

Sadly, it has been hammered, more so in the Thatcher, Major and Blair years. Governments only make it appear unemployment is falling. When it is constantly rising, they put the blame elsewhere.

Let me have a quiet life

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

A NO cold calling sign is only 500 yards from us but it doesn’t stop all and sundry.

Add to this, the telephone calls about 7pm offering a survey which gives us a chance for a holiday in the Bahamas.

And now I find that my email address has been passed on to body builders and health businesses in which, at 80, I have not the slightest interest. Is there any way to live a quiet life?

Questions of long life

From: John DC Piper, West Burton, Leyburn.

WHAT an excellent letter from Frank Jones (Yorkshire Post, July 7). Like my wife and I and many others, especially if our health is not good, maybe even in a nursing home, we could be a burden and worry to the rest of the family. Life is certainly a wonderful gift, God given, but do we have the right to end it? I wonder.

Against the law

From: Mrs Mary Hellawell, Cross Lane, Scarborough.

REGARDING certain Muslims who live in Britain wanting to set up three independent “states” under Sharia Law, if they want Sharia Law, then they should go to the countries where this law exists.

There is neither room nor need for Sharia Law in our country, and I hope this will be strongly resisted on all fronts.