Inspired by brothers’ tale

From: Emily Larard, Hutton, Driffield, East Yorkshire.

AS an amateur triathlete and proud to be born and bred in Yorkshire, my heroes and inspiration in the London 2012 Olympics were, without a doubt, the triathletes the Brownlee brothers.

When I heard they would be publishing an autobiography, Swim, Bike, Run: Our Triathlon Story, I couldn’t wait to read more. I was therefore excited when I saw that two extracts would be published in my regular paper the Yorkshire Post.

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However, I was incredibly disappointed to find that Alistair appeared arrogant and treated his younger brother with little respect and I had a new perspective on my heroes, which left me disheartened.

Determined to read the full story I bought the book and have just finished it – what a fascinating, engaging, excellent read!

The boys showed how proud they are to be from Yorkshire and that true grit and determination results in medals.

Make gun rules
hard not easy

From: Mrs M O’Hara, Swanlow Drive, Acaster Malbis, Bishopthorpe, York.

SO, the North Yorkshire Police Commissioner (Yorkshire Post, August 1) hopes to improve gun licensing by making it available to obtain licence renewal online, rather than having to send the paperwork to the police.

She says it will help the shooting community by speeding up the process.

Gun licensing should never be rushed through, I would like the police checking every licence holder thoroughly.

Has she forgotten Hungerford and Dunblane? A gun licence should be the hardest licence that anyone can obtain.

Who caused
the desolation?

From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

LET’S not be too hard on Lord Howell and his ill-judged fracking faux pas (Yorkshire Post, July 31). Has he ever dared to venture into that “here be dragons” land beyond Eton, Oxbridge and the Home Counties, I wonder?

Perhaps his reference to the desolation of the North East was coloured by his recollection of the effects of the policies of the 1980s government, of which he was a part.