January 13 Letters: Why legacy of Tour is not a cause of celebration for everyone

From: Mabel W Pighills, Prospect View, Blackley, Elland.

I READ with interest the various letters asking why Gary Verity was not mentioned in the New Year Honours list.

The Tour de France was a fantastic achievement; he did 
not achieve this by himself, though.

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There are two sides to a coin. Phil Moon asked in his letter (The Yorkshire Post, March 22, 2014) “Will Tour run into a wall?” pointing out how fragile many of our country roads are. Who would be responsible for accidents and damage caused by the spectators?

One of our fields rises four feet above the road, held back by a retaining wall with no footpath by it. Across the road is the footpath, no wall, only a fence and deep drop beyond.

A white line was painted across the road from our front door and an archway was erected. This point was named Blackley Mountain King of the Road.

Spectators started arriving before 6am, filling the road and standing on top of the wall. By dinner time the foundations began to give way and a section tumbled, being quickly thrown back into the field.

After the race, officials came to check the route for damage and make notes about it, organising orange plastic as a temporary warning and repair.

We were advised the authorities would be notified. Six months have now passed. Nothing has happened. Who do we try to contact? How many more people are in a similar situation?

From: Paul Alexander Sherwood, Wits End, South Kilvington, Thirsk.

I ACCEPT that the whole honours system is somewhat odious in many people’s minds, but this is exacerbated by the arbitrary nonsense in the way awards are dished out as of right to certain people.

Why should a high-level civil servant, diplomat, military officer, police officer or politician receive some gong for carrying out their job just because they reach a certain level of seniority, and especially when it does not appear to be linked to ability?

From: JA Wilding, Westfield Rise, Hessle.

REGARDING Geoffrey Boycott not receiving a knighthood, I am not disputing his worthiness for the honour, but would like to submit two more names for consideration for the award.

The first is Brian Close, and I think a fellow who could bowl a bit, namely FS Trueman. 
Fred’s could be awarded posthumously.