Jeremy Corbyn has not eradicated anti-Semitism say ex-pats living in Israel – Yorkshire Post Letters

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From: Pamela Levene (Ex-Leodisian Moortown), Zichron Ya’akov, Israel.

I WOULD like to say that Michael McGowan’s apology was acceptable in the wake of his criticism of the Chief Rabbi’s warning that “the very soul” of the nation is at stake at this week’s General Election if Labour is elected to power, but the former Leeds MEP’s insistence on Jeremy Corbyn not being an anti-Semite totally undermines his words (The Yorkshire Post, December 5).

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Chief Rabbi’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn does not reflect the views of Leeds’ Jewish community: Yorkshire Post Letters

The point is that Corbyn has not only done nothing to stop anti-Semitism in his party, but he has, in fact, enabled and fostered it.

Of course Jeremy Corbyn is subtle and so, therefore, his condemnation of the Jewish community is hidden.

I owe Jewish community an apology over my anti-Semitism letter says ex MEP – Yorkshire Post Letters

Former MEP Michael McGowan.

Former MEP Michael McGowan.

Israel is an integral part of the Jewish identity and yet Corbyn never misses a chance to cohort with, and praise, the terrorists who attack it on a daily basis, constantly lies about the only democratic state in the Middle East, and delegitimises its existence at every opportunity.

Sly digs at dual loyalty are frequent.

Might I ask what is wrong with having dual loyalty? Israel is, after all, a staunch ally of Britain.

Here in Israel we ex-pats are loud and proud to be British citizens as well as Israeli ones. No one questions this.