Jubilee singers are too old

From: A W Clarke, Wold Croft, Sutton on Derwent.

DO other readers share with me the despair at the lack of imagination at the BBC regarding the concert to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

So far, much of the cast sounds like the list for an old people’s outing. Though I am a pensioner and have had much pleasure, in the past, from some of the performances of the stars named, I cannot but think that they should have, by now, quietly faded away.

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Surely, the BBC could have been a little more innovative and produced a more stimulating and varied cast than pensioner pop singers?

Slippery slope of snow clearing

From: Colin Woodhouse, Mill Lane, Skellow, Doncaster.

THREE days after the first snow, my wife had to go to our doctor’s surgery to collect a prescription. The roads and footpaths were mostly clear but the car park and entrance to the health centre was treacherous with packed snow.

No attempt had been made to clear a path for patients. My wife mentioned this to the staff who said it had not been cleared for health and safety reason.

On further inquiry she was told if they attempted to clear it and missed some and someone fell and injured themselves then they could be deemed to be negligent and sued. Have the lunatics taken over the asylum?

Freight answer for rail link

From: Leslie Huffadine, Stirton Lane, Stirton, Skipton.

DURING discussions about the viability of the high-speed rail link to the North, I don’t believe I have seen anyone discuss the commercial possibilities.

If alternate trains, loaded with suitable containers for freight goods, were to be run in the intervals between the passenger trains, the viability of the line could soon be justified.