July 15: Asbestos lessons have not been learned by fracking firms like Third Energy

From: Anne Fielding, St Anne’s on the Sea.

THERE is a current planning application from Third Energy to frack at Kirby Misperton. There are many well documented health concerns regarding the fracking process.

The authorities in the country have previously allowed a well- known industry to proceed when health concerns were raised but not clear: the asbestos industry.

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The asbestos industry claimed asbestos was totally safe, including for school buildings, and even took adverts out to say so. At the time, no one could conclusively prove it was not safe as enough research had not taken place then. As a result of that bad decision over asbestos, teachers, school workers and it can be presumed ex-pupils are now at risk from their exposure – not to mention the costs of cleaning up. Let us err on the side of safety until it is conclusively proved that fracking is dangerous to the environment and to humans. Say no to fracking.

From: Anne Nightingale, Station Road, Pickering.

I WAS born in Ryedale and I am a resident here. I am deeply concerned at Third Energy’s intention to frack. There are far too many unknowns connected with this industry which we cannot afford to be exposed to.

Over the past few months I have attended meetings, listened to experts, conducted my own research into the fracking process and I cannot see how it can be justified as we would end up turning our beautiful countryside into an industrial wasteland, which would never be restored. I understand that we have to look at ways of generating energy for the future, but this is not one of them, as I fear for what we would be leaving future generations.

I hope that sense prevails and we look at alternative energy sources which won’t pollute and endanger the future of anyone.

From: June Smith, Pottergate, Helmsley, York.

I REPLY to your article “Catalogue of errors blamed for collapse of fracking bid” (The Yorkshire Post, June 11). There can be no doubt in my mind that fracking is not for this country. The damage and distress it would cause would far outweigh any benefits, which I am sure would be passed to the big businesses and shareholders in the fracking industry.

The validation test failed on many issues and if Third Energy cannot get the initial paperwork correct, it is difficult to see how residents can have confidence in the future.

Ryedale is a stunningly beautiful part of North Yorkshire which relies on tourism and farming for its income. As Kevin Hollinrake, our local MP, told Parliament, Third Energy plans to drill 950 wells in an area comprising less than one third of his constituency and he was concerned the countryside would be ruined. Apart from the visual impact of drilling rigs and gas flares and lorries on our rural roads, we must consider our health and that of our children from the chemicals used.

Fracking comes at too great a cost in terms of the impact it will have on the health of our families and should be stopped. We are an island and we need to explore the potential of wind and wave power, and not use fracking as an interim measure that will leave an uncertain legacy for our children.

From: David Thornley, Slingsby.

ONCE again we see the incompetence of Third Energy, they can’t even get an up-to-date map to submit to the council

How can one trust a mickey mouse organisation like this with the future of Ryedale?

From : Barbara Hickman, Nawton, York

THANK you for reporting the reasons why Third Energy’s application to frack in Ryedale failed. Not only was it inaccurate and had left out so much detail, but it left open the possibility to go into production after the test frack. Fracking would industrialise an AONB, potentially contaminate and reduce the water supply and seriously impact upon agriculture and tourism, the main economy of the area. The evidence of the negative effects of fracking is well known; it cannot be allowed in the densely populated and heavily farmed, beautiful landscapes of England.

From: David Davis, Pasture Lane, Hovingham.

IT is a sad reflection on Third Energy that we concerned residents have to rely on Freedom of Information requests to obtain the reasons for their planning application failing validation on its initial submission. If Third Energy were open, honest, and good neighbours, as they repeatedly claim to be, it would simply have been unnecessary.

Our former MP Anne McIntosh was told by Third Energy that they had no intention of fracking in Ryedale as were many other residents and landowners in the locality when seismic survey work was carried out in Summer 2014.

From: Judith Hutton, Brier Park, Nawton, York.

THANK you for headlining the real reasons why the Third Energy’s application to frack in Ryedale was returned, which was that they failed to answer most of the pertinent questions rather than their stated excuse that it was a minor clerical error. In my view, fracking would ruin our beautiful Yorkshire and must be stopped at all costs.

Unfortunately the Government is pro-fracking so it will be quite a battle to stop Tory councils agreeing to licence it, which makes democracy non-existent.