July 16: Leeds Bradford Airport fails to make passengers and service a prority

From: John Skewes, Westgate, Wetherby.

AS a regular user of Leeds Bradford Airport, I have become increasingly concerned at the state of cleanliness, the level of charges at the “drop off” and “pick up” zone, the lack of protection from the weather when walking from this zone to the terminal building and similar from the walkway to the plane steps and the length and state of the unheated covered walkway.

When planes are parked adjacent to the covered walkway exit 13, the length to walk to immigration control is excessively long and very uncomfortable in cold weather.

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With regards to “drop off” and “pick up” zones these should, in my opinion, always be free. To charge £3 for up to 30 minutes or £9 for up to one hour to cover an arrival “pick up”, and even £3 just for a “drop off”, is excessive.

The airport authority has thought it well worth while developing an expensive and well-designed shopping area that passengers are forced to walk through to the gates by a circular route. On the other hand, spending money to prevent passengers possibly getting soaked by rain or chilled by cold weather appears to be much of less concern.

From: Brian Harris, Embsay, Skipton.

LIKE Tim Radcliffe (The Yorkshire Post, July 8) and John Craven (July 9), I am very dissatisfied with the service provided at Leeds Bradford Airport. My sister is disabled and flying from Southampton to “Yorkshire’s Airport” is the only practical way for her to visit us twice a year. She regularly complains that the special assistance at Leeds Bradford is very poor compared with that offered “down South”.

On her return home after a recent visit my sister was abandoned for ages in a wheelchair, the excuse being that they were very busy dealing with incoming flights! The special assistance desk was unstaffed on both arrival and departure.

A notice asked one to pick up the phone and press “M1”, if I remember correctly. All that seemed to do was ring a phone in the next section along. You’ve guessed it, that was unmanned too. The highlights of my sister’s visit were two lovely days out at National Trust properties, Fountains Abbey and Beningbrough Hall. The paid staff and volunteers at both properties could not have been more helpful. The disabled parking was conveniently positioned too.

Whatever infrastructure improvements may take place, Leeds Bradford Airport needs to get its act together right now.