July 23: A strong voice in a whole world of opportunity

From: Don Alexander, Knab Road, Sheffield.

THE views of one of Sheffield’s leading Victorian steelmen, John Brown, who scorned his father’s advice that he should be a draper, still ring true with our manufacturers today.

He didn’t want a career where he would just trade locally in England; he wanted to be 
a steel manufacturer and merchant dealing with the 
whole world.

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For examaple, Sheffield Forgemasters has far more trade with Russia and Germany than within the UK.

The manufacturing region, too, covers North Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Deryshire, not just South Yorkshire.

The region has more in common with the Peak District than the Dales; with Lincoln than York; Bakewell than Harrogate; Chesterfield than Wakefield; Scunthorpe than Dewsbury; Pittsburgh than Leeds!

Of course contacts with other city-regions are essential but the region needs its own strong voice.

My choice for mayor would 
be Richard Caborn, who 
worked in the steel industry and was the Sports Minister who worked to bring the Olympics to London.

He was also the Sheffield Central MP from 1983 until