July 25: Robin Hood Airport eclipses Leeds Bradford for travel getaway

From: EA Henry, Larchfield Road, Doncaster.

WELL said John Hill and Ron Firth (The Yorkshire Post, July 21) Robin Hood Airport is a hidden jewel. Now Aer Lingus flights between Dublin and Doncaster have resumed, it is our family’s first choice for travel to USA. Travel to Manchester is okay in summer, but in winter, crossing the Pennines to get there, you risk closed roads and delayed or cancelled trains. Try using Doncaster Robin Hood. You won’t be disappointed. Better still, you get 15 minutes free parking which gives plenty of time for dropping off.

From: Valerie Moody. Rosedale, Little Smeaton.

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HOORAY! At last two letters from like-minded people re Doncaster’s airport. I have, since this airport opened, written to The Yorkshire Post and Daily Telegraph asking for someone to answer my question – namely why is this facility so under used?

When it first started operating as a civilian airport we were promised twice-weekly direct transatlantic flights! I have landed at midday and been on the only aircraft anywhere to be seen in the vast area which is Doncaster Sheffield airport. Come on, let us make something more of this amazing job-creating prospect and save some of us, at least, the horrific experiences we have to endure at Leeds Bradford.

From: Gary Mason, Hensall, Selby.

RECENT letters have things in common – the under use of Robin Hood Airport that should, in fact, be developed into the main Yorkshire hub for major airlines. I wonder why The Yorkshire Post has not investigated this wasted asset to find out why airlines keep pulling out? Of course a rail link should have been opened when the airport was built. Of course the underinvestment in the rail network up north, as our friends down south would say, is well documented.

PCSOs in the cuts front line

From: Dee Collins, Temporary Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police.

I CAN understand that people will be concerned about the suggestions made in about the future of PCSOs in West Yorkshire (The Yorkshire Post, July 23).

I want to be absolutely clear, that they remain a highly valued and integral part of our policing plans both now and in the years ahead.

The feedback that we often receive from our communities and partners, really underlines the importance of their role and the difference they make in keeping the most vulnerable safer and feeling safer.

It is a reality, however, that the organisation will have to reduce in size as we face significant reductions to our budget.

As part of the Government austerity measures, the Force must still find in the region of £2m before the end of the 2015-2016 financial year. A further £23.3m must then be delivered up to 2017.

This is why we took early steps in November 2014 to freeze the intakes of PCSOs and minimise the potential of any job losses later down the line. Looking ahead, we will not be able to sustain the current numbers of PCSOs.

Northern MPs must unite

From: Mr R Hanson, Swallow Lane, Golcar, Huddersfield.

RE your report “Yorkshire mayor would not reflect economy” (The Yorkshire Post, July 21).

What is written implies that with Yorkshire being the size of a small European country, one elected mayor could not reflect its diversity. Small European countries have either one president or one prime minister to speak for them.

Neither one elected mayor or four regional mayors for Yorkhire would guarantee that Yorkshire will get the money required for major infrastructure projects. Mayors could concentrate minds to focus on and prioratise projects but Parliament votes as to whether they are viable or not and whether money will be allocated.

The only way to stop this is for all the Northern MPs to get together with one voice for the whole of the North of England. This would allow them to outvote the MPs of London and the South East.

Slaves to the sat nav

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston.

LAST Saturday in Walkington, East Yorkshire a road traffic accident took place due, it has been widely reported, to a woman driving straight over a crossroads ignoring all the white lines and give way signs because her sat nav told her to go straight on.

The police say she will not be prosecuted. If not why not? She has committed blatant road traffic offences resulting in injury to others. More importantly, what sort of person ignores what is in front of her eyes and does the bidding of a box of electronics that is blind and cannot see what is in the road ahead?

This woman, and others like her, should be banned from driving for life. They are not only a mortal danger to themselves but also to everyone using our roads. Driverless cars? It appears we already have them – morons guided by sightless machines.